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CHILDREN 6+ years

At age 6 a child was moved out of the Quadrant and their daily life would change a lot. Girls & boys dormitory areas were segregated, although there was more freedom to roam and play than as an infant.

Primary school started, but child numbers meant most would just attend morning classes, others afternoon classes. There would be a steady trickle of blue & yellow school uniforms in & out of the orphanage gates at swap over time. As well as school lessons and play there were daily chores for children, like peeling vegetables or gathering firewood.

This was also the age where the presence and influence of Madam Director was most felt as a mother figure to all the children in her charge.

Secondary schooling was difficult to achieve for a lot of children as it cost more. Government grants, scholarships and NGO sponsorships helped many get to secondary level, or beyond to higher education & university.

University was the peak of achievement according to Madam. Vocational training was not regarded as an equal achievement until the last decade of the Noel’s existence. This left huge numbers of youth without employable skills to help them become independent enough to leave the orphanage.

“Memories are the architecture of our identity”